Workshop on Informatics Engineering Education

10th International Conference on Computing and Informatics in Northern Chile

The Workshop on Informatics Engineering Education was born as an initiative of academics from different Chilean universities to create a space where they could present educational projects that are being developed in the area, in order to strengthen collaborative networks. It is hoped that this meeting will consolidate the collaboration networks between national and international universities and allow to expand knowledge in new teaching methodologies in the area of information technology.

Chair contacts:
Diego Aracena (, Universidad de Tarapacá, Arica, Chile.

Invited Talk: “The Complex Approach of Gamification Strategies in Higher Education” by M.Sc. Wilma Peñafiel


One of the important aspects in the teaching-learning process is to motivate and encourage students in attention and understanding of learning. Methods, strategies and theories have been applied to attract, motivate or encourage students.

The objective of this talk is to present a theoretical summary of gamification strategies in Higher Education and its relationship with complex thinking. It delves into more successful gamification strategies and the impact on student performance. The degree of knowledge of these strategies in the teaching community is studied to finalize with a methodology of application of complex thinking and gamification strategies.

Short Bio

Wilma Peñafiel is Professor and Academic Researcher, dedicated mainly to gamification strategies and complex approach. She works as Academic Director at La Salle University and as editor of the Fides et Ratio Research Journal of the same University. She directs the line of Mobile Technology Research in the Systems Engineering Degree. She is a Doctoral Candidate in Education with a focus on complexity and transdisciplinary research; she has a Master of Business Administration, EMI; a Master’s Degree in Higher Education, EMI; and a Degree in Computer Science, UMSA. She also holds graduate diplomas in Higher Education, Pedagogical Management of the Classroom; Higher Education with a focus on competencies; and training in Virtual Tutorial 2.0. for the OAS.