Workshop on Automation and Robotics

10th International Conference on Computing and Informatics in Northern Chile

The aim of the Workshop on Automation and Robotics is to create a workspace in which students, academics, professionals, and researchers can disclose the state of the art in the disciplines of Automation and Robotics. This discipline, preceded by the great and accelerated advances in microelectronics and informatics, has achieved important developments, going beyond its classical areas of application (originally in the industrial field), having now applications in the fields of science, industry, education, and services.

Chair contacts:
Ricardo Pérez (, Universidad Católica del Norte, Antofagasta, Chile.

Keynote: “Design of solutions based on Computational Vision: selecting the correct wavelength, lenses, filters and lighting” by M.Sc. Patricio Castillo


Image processing applications have become tools with high added value in various areas and it is becoming easier to develop a computer vision system. In order to reach the expected results, it is not enough to have sufficient software and processing power, but it is fundamental to approach the design of the system considering all the elements that are present so that it is possible to obtain the necessary information. In this presentation, general concepts of optics will be reviewed to understand the effect they produce in each stage of image acquisition and how important it is to determine these parameters. The selection of the sensor wavelength, the geometric characteristics of the lens, optical filters and the correct lighting format can determine the feasibility of a project. We will see practical applications for a better understanding.

Short Bio

Patricio Castillo is an Electronic Civil Engineer with a major in Digital Systems and Master’s in Electronics, Federico Santa María Technical University, Valparaíso, Chile. He has more than ten years of experience in the development of embedded systems for communications, control and instrumentation. He has specialized in applications with Xilinx FPGA, National Instruments equipment, microcontrollers, digital communications, visual cameras, infrared Basler and Xenics thermal and short-wave cameras. He also has participated in research and development projects in academic, industrial and defense fields. He highlighted his leadership in innovation projects and links with the environment during his stay at the Federico Santa María Technical University. He has ISI publications in international journals and symposia, as well as other technical publications in local and international media. He is a member of the Innovation and Robotics Center and a member of the IEEE R-9 Computational Intelligence Society. He is currently working on R&D projects mainly for the large mining and manufacturing industries, specializing in machine vision applications.

Tutorial: “Artificial Vision Applications with LabVIEW” by M.Sc. Camilo Chamorro


The aim of the tutorial is to work out some ways to automate artificial vision problems, using a rapid testing program such as LabVIEW software with its vision modules. We will work on applications that include segmentation, detection, location and image recognition.

Short Bio

Camilo Chamorro is an Instrumentation and Control Engineer, and a professor at the Colombian Polytechnic Jaime Isaza Cadavid, Master in Automation, and PhD candidate in Electronics and Computing from the University of Antioquía in Colombia.